Wk 15: Artist Conversation-Nancy Young

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Print making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: none

The final gallery walk for this semester I got to interview CSULB artist Nancy Young with my classmates. She is in the print making program. Nancy is an undergrad here at the university but this is her final year before she graduates. This was actually her last exhibition as a student here. Her hobbies are listening to music, her art, and her dog which she loves so much. Her work is inspired by her life experiences and her dog. Nancy is currently a programmer for the county of orange and does not plan on making a living out of her artwork.

Nancy’s background is in print making so all of her art pieces began as pictures that she took herself. The colors of her art work are black and very grim looking. It looks to be a lot of engraving and lots of intricate lines that make very clear pictures like the many crows she designed. She used various materials but an interesting one was how she carved wood in order to create a precise design of a crow. It was very jagged, dark, and gave it a look as if it would pop out at you. It was very interesting learning about the process of the art work.

Her art revolves on the many life experiences she has had. She says her artwork allows her to express herself through them and she could look back to see all that she has overcome. Nancy’s art keeps her going and in a sense keeps her “sane” as she says. Not only her obstacles in life but also her dog play a part in her inspiration for the art work. Almost all the artwork in the gallery was done this semester. Her art is not to make a living but to tell her story and gives her an outlet to do so.

This was a very interesting exhibition because I have never seen this kind of art before (print making). It really enjoyed the dark grim feel over her work with all the crows, dark colors, and rough appearance. Nancy is a very talented artist and has overcome so much to get to where she is today. The story she tells through her art can resonate with so many people and it is inspiring to the highest degree. I would love to see her artwork again so hopefully she comes to display more work her at CSULB after graduation.



Wk 15: Classmate Convo

For the final week of class, I met my classmate Valerie Laslo at the Galleries. She is a third year here at CSULB and is a criminal justice major. I found out that she spent half over her high school years at CAMS which is a really hard high school to get into and I was very impressed by this. After that she transferred over to Wilson here in Long Beach where she was on the swim team. Her hobbies are being outdoors, hiking, going to lakes, cherry picking, and traveling. Her goal is to travel to two new states every year. This year she has checked out Oregon and Montana. I thought that was really cool and we had a conversation about the food in Oregon and how I have always wanted to go to Portland so it was really cool to talk to someone who has been to the state. Valerie is a super cool person and you should totally check out her page. (https://valcat17.wordpress.com/)


Wk 14: Japanese Garden Drawing

This week our activity was to go to the Japanese Garden on campus and draw. We had to make six drawings, 3 representational and 3 abstract. This was what I originally thought we were going to be doing in this class all along. It was a very fun activity because it allowed us to just let loose and draw, I mean come on who doesn’t like to draw. I am definitely not an artistic person so most of my drawings probably look abstract without trying but I tried my best and hope they could be interpreted with ease. I drew stuff like side views of the garden, a duck in the pond, bonsai trees, and even flowing lotuses. I think drawing lotuses were my favorite because they are very often used in Japanese tattoos which I love and have 8 hours worth of Japanese style tattooing on my person so its definitely something I’m interested. I am very lucky that I have a Japanese Garden here at CSULB. We also had to take six pictures of the garden with three of them being representational and three abstract as well. That was a much easier task for me because I don’t have to struggle to show what I’m seeing. I don’t know how abstract 3 of my pics are but I tried my best to be artistic, I’m a poli sci major for goodness sake!!!! It was a overall good experience and very relaxing, id do it again.

Wk 13: Artist Conversation-Nick Bamford

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No Name

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram: nickbamf4d

This week at the art gallery my classmates and I got to talk to CSULB artist Nick Bamford. Nick is a ceramics major and is in his last year here. He plans on going to graduate school at schools like UCLA and Yale. He is from Huntington Beach and was first exposed to ceramics when he took a class in high school and he has been doing it ever since. His exhibition has no title and his inspiration for his work is basically that no one else has done something like that. His hobbies are his art work and playing guitar but his art work takes up majority of his time.

Nicks sculptures consist of many different random objects connected together to form a sculpture. There are a lot of protruding objects such as rods, metal smaller scultures, shopping cars and lights. A lot of very uneven shapes and oddly placed objects. Materials are found objects, plaster, cement, and even wood. It was a very interesting setup and everything despite being placed in weird spots, made an impressive sculpture.

Nick is all about living in the moment and does not really have a set inspiration for his work. He just allows himself to flow and go by what happens instead of trying to convey some sort message. He wants his audience to interpret his art however they want. His exhibition has no title, his pieces do not have names, and he does not plan. It took him about 5 days to create the sculptures and he does ceramics majority of the time.

I thought the sculptures were very interesting because unlike most of the exhibits that we have seen this semester, this exhibit was way different. It did not have a central theme, meaning, or any inspiration. It is just completely up for interpretation which I found really cool. I really liked the sculpture with the shopping car, I think that’s Nick’s favorite as well. I would have never in a million years thought about using a shopping cart in a sculpture so his creativity is off the charts. Nick is a talented artist and I would like to see more of his work.

Wk 13: classmate conversation

This week at the art galleries I met my classmate Chris Williams. He is from the Antelope Valley and he is a first year student here at CSULB and is an aerospace engineering major. He is really into space and likes to build things so he thought why not. He said his hobby is basically sleeping, he really loves his sleep and takes it very seriously! Doing absolutely nothing is where its at for him. He used to place baseball once upon a time but broke his wrist ending his baseball career. He also spends a lot of time on school, he is currently taking 18 units which I applaud because I know that wouldn’t work out for me personally. A fun fact about Chris is that he is 18 years old and this may not seem like a fun fact right? The thing that makes this a fun fact is that he looks a lot older than 18 and when people ask him how old he is they are shocked because he is actually much younger.  We asked each other if we could be an animal what would we be and he said he would be a bird because of the ability to be free and fly where ever you would like to go. There are no limits. Chris is a really cool person and here is his website (https://chriswils.wordpress.com/) .IMG_1973

Wk 13: art care package

This project for some reason reminded me of collaging for some reason. It was quite simple but still kind of fun at the same time. What  I decided to do was to find old tickets of places ive been to in the past whether it was Disneyland, the movies, or chucky cheese. It really allowed me to remember some of the good old times ive had and just makes me realize how was fast time flies. I hope my fellow classmate enjoys looking through some of my old memories and I as well hope to be able to see into the past of a fellow classmate. I do think it is somewhat similar to snapchat in the sense that you are sharing your experiences with other people. The only real difference is one is on paper and the other is being looked at through a class barrier called a screen. I think that stuff from the past gains value the older it gets because it is increasingly being pushed back from the present. It tugs at your heart strings because you are no longer there and these items take you back in time. I believe art is in the eyes of the beholder and there is nothing that is not art because it could be seen as art to someone else. It is all up to your interpretation and art is all around us, art is the world.

Wk 12: Artist Conversation-Tiffany Le

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tau

Media: Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.letealeaf.com

Instagram: letealeaf

This gallery walk I had the pleasure to meet CSULB artist Tiffany Le. Tiffany is in the Illustration program and has been  for 3 years now. She is from Garden Grove where she grew up in a big Vietnamese community. Her interests are hiking, taking care of her bunny,  wants to get back into her kendo (martial art) and checking out gallery shows. The ideas she explores are inspired by her Vietnamese culture, current events, mythology, and considers the idea that history repeats itself.

The majority of Tiffany’s work consists of paintings that are created with watercolors and acrylic paint. The work is very smooth and have a flow to them. An example is the painting of the two tigers on the boat. It has a very gloom feel with the tigers kind of warped, white, and curled up. Many of her paintings have boats in open water and are made on canvas. The paintings have great detail. She also does work with paper, like the latern boats in the exhibit that we made out of a joss paper. She says the materials that she uses are like a tribute to her family and her culture.

Tiffany wants to depict family experiences and experiences of the Vietnamese people that left Vietnam. She wanted to tell the story of those that were never heard or forgotten and bring attention to it. The exhibit name is Tau and that translates to boat which is meant to symbolize escape and a new beginning else where. Tiffany in a way wants to be the middle ground in telling the story of those before her. She is very proud of her Vietnamese heritage.

This is one of my favorite exhibitions because it was such beautiful work with such deep meeting behind it. I really loved what Tiffany did with the different kinds of paint and water color that gives the painting a different look that she pulled off. My favorite is the tiger painting, I have always had a thing for tigers, they are my favorite animal and I even have one tattooed on me. I also thought the paper latern boats were crazy cool because they look like they are in water and portrays a  great visual. Tiffany is an amazing artist and I wish her luck. I would visit her future galleries.