Wk 3: classmate conversation

This class I Met Kordell Tan while looking around at the different art galleries. He is a freshman biology major and also a musician. He is really into art and an interesting story he told me was that his dad named him after a professional football player named Kordell. We got  to know each other a little bit while walking around the art exhibits a bit lost on what exactly what we were supposed to be doing. He was definitely keen on his artistic side which did help me look at some of the art pieces in a different way. I am not the most artistic person around (Political Science major) but cool people like Kordell are around to open my eyes on things of that nature. I do find art cool but as far as interpreting it, you kind of lost me! Kordell’s website (www.thepurpleturtlestory.wordpress.com)



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