Wk 4: Classmate Convo

This week I met my classmate Jhonatan Ramos in our weekly gallery walk. He is from Gilroy California and is a freshman here at CSULB. He is a Philosophy major that is working towards being a priest which I found very interesting because I have never met anyone who was going toward that profession. He is taking art for GE purposes but does really like art. We walked around the gallery together checking out Sam’s art work and we were both pretty amazed on the different sculptures around use that reminded us so much of cartoon characters. Jhonatan currently stays out here with his brother and doesn’t know very many people here at CSULB but he is a really cool guy and he has gained a new friend in me. Look forward to getting to know him better and enjoy the class. His website is (jhonatan2016.wordpress.com) go and check out his page.


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