Wk 5: Classmate Conversation

Today in class I met my classmate Charles Watson. He is a transfer student who did two years at Orange Coast College and now is in his second semester here at CSULB. He like listening to music, writing, and watching movies. He is a film major and does some screen writing as well which I found very interesting. Charles is taking this art class as a requisite for his major and plans to intern in film at CSULB as well. We talked about how we both switched majors very suddenly and drastically in order to follow something that we were more passionate about which allowed us to relate to each other. It was really cool to hear someone else went through the same transition when the fear of it not working out is always in the back of your mind. Charles is a really cool dude and would love to get to know him more over the course of the class. Here is his website (www.charleswatsonsite.wordpress.com) check it out.


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