Wk 10: Artist Conversation-Ja’rie Gray

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Ja’rie Gray

Exhibition: My Complexion

Media: Oil and Canvas Paintings

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: http://www.graymycomplexion.weebly.com

Instagram: n/a

This week’s gallery walk I was privileged to meet CSULB artist Ja’rie Gray. She is from South Central Los Angeles and is a Drawing and Painting major. She is a graduate student and has been going to school at CSULB for about three years. She has her BFA from the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach. She has been doing art since she was five years old and likes using references combined with her imagination to create her art.

Gray’s artwork is oil and canvas based paintings. She has a few sketches that kind of show the process of her paintings in pencil and as you go through the exhibit it gets into her finished paintings. The paintings are very colorful and by looking at them, it looks as if you can see the texture on the canvas. All of her paintings has people in them and focus on the complexion of the individuals whether they are posing or in the act of doing something.

Gray’s art is inspired by late 20’s African American Art. Her art is centered around beauty of darker complexion. She believes that people don’t accept themselves and it has become embedded in our culture that in order to be accepted you have to look a certain way. For example when she was a kid, she bathed in bleach to try and lighten her skin. It is meant to give a feeling of empowerment to people with darker skin to be comfortable with who they are and know that you can still be beautiful and accepted as you are.

This exhibit for me was a very special one because I think that Ja’rie really worked with a topic that many people don’t really talk about but it definitely is an issue in our society. I like how she used her paintings to depict a light on people of darker complexion and put them on the spot light. I feel like she did justice on this topic and I really was inspired by her work. This is now by far my favorite exhibit because it had the biggest impact on me. This one definitely meant the most to me. I wish Ja’rie Gray the best and hope she continues speaking through her art.


Wk 10: Classmate Convo

Today during our weekly gallery walk I met my classmate Megan Stevens. She is a first year student at CSULB and is a psychology major. She is actually from England which I found very interesting and since she has been in the US she has went to high school and lived in the Orange County area. She was an athlete in high school as well, she was on the swim team and also the water polo team. The sports did put her through two shoulder surgeries, one on each arm unfortunately. For hobbies she likes to go visit new places, likes to read, loves her dog etc. She told me that her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird which I also think is a great book. Her dream career in the future is to be a child psychiatrist. She has never taken an art class before this one but does find it fun. She says that one thing people don’t usually catch on about her is that she still has a British accent which I think is super cool. Megan is a very interesting person and you should totally go check her page out  https://megstevensblog.wordpress.com/


Wk 10: Instagram Day

Today the objective was to take four photos on our Instagram accounts and hashtag them under art110s16 in order for the whole class to see each others posts. What I noticed from looking at my classmates pictures is that we are not a we, we all have our own things going on in our lives but it looks like we are cut from the same mold if that makes sense. Our daily lives may not revolve around the same things but its as if we go through things that fit into the same college student category in different lights. I am personally a fan of Instagram so I did enjoy this assignment and I did like to see what kind of things my classmates like to take pictures of. My finally answer is that we are not necessarily a we but at the same time its like we are tied to each other some how. It is a very difficult thing to describe. Yet a very interesting concept.

Wk 9:Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: unknown

Today on the gallery walk I got to talk to CSULB artist Sean Joy Cabanig. She is a twenty three year old undergrad here at CSULB from Los Angeles who has been going to school here for five years. She now lives in Long Beach and she originally came in as a Creative Writing major but is now following her passion and is pursuing her BFA in Metals. Sean Joy’s interests consist of gaming, painting, cooking, hanging out with her boyfriend, and cats.

Sean Joy’s work is Metal based and consists of differently shaped objects. She has pieces that resemble necklaces, finger braces, objects like acorns, jewelry, containers etc. A lot of her work I have noticed has a lot of round shapes to them. The metals used looks like copper and silver. The pieces are very smooth like for the most part like sphere shaped copper pieces on one of the necklaces for example. Texture and feel is overall smooth.

Her work is inspired by her environment and what is around her. Sean Joy is a very experimental person and does not have a set concept to her art. She did say that her favorite piece is the finger brace which was inspired by the movie Forest Gump and the leg braces he had to wear as a kid. She spends a lot of time in the studio just experimenting with different ideas. Sean Joy definitely likes to incorporate her personality in her pieces and likes to have fun with it.

I thought Sean Joy’s art work was really interesting because it gives off like a careless free flowing feel to it. Her pieces are definitely flawless and are very well made which I find very impressive. I like her idea that you don’t need to have a certain inspiration with your art, it should just come to you from your own daily life. I really think that is what art is all about, sharing a different experience with other people. I overall really enjoyed the exhibit and I wish Sean Joy best of luck in her future.

Wk 9: Classmate Convo

Today on the art gallery walk I met my classmate Eli Yee. He is a second year fashion merchandising major here at CSULB. He is from Fresno California and his hobbies consist of painting, drawing, going to concerts, thrift shopping etc. He goes to like three concerts a month which I thought was pretty col and I got to see some of his art work that he has created. He says anytime he gets some kind of idea or inspiration he will just make something out of it. He is currently taking this art class for GE purposes but does have a passion for art. When it comes to music he listens to about everything except country. Over the years Eli has also played several sports such as soccer, cross country, and track. He says he would like to continue painting and drawing in the future and maybe open up a small store.  He is a really cool dude and you should check out his site… (https://eliyee.wordpress.com/)


Tsunami the Eliminator

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