Wk 7: Artist Conversation-Andrea Williams

Exhibition Information:
Artist: Andrea Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramics, Clay, Cement

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: mrswdubbayoo


The artist I got to interview this week on the gallery walk was Riversides own Andrea Williams. She is an undergraduate student in ceramics and her hobbies are playing with her pets and being a mom. The ideas Andrea like to explore are religious based, views of women, and sacrifice. She says to her that her religious based are is kind of like another way of worshiping. Her Christian beliefs strongly influence her work and sometimes looks at her work as a self portrait.

Andrea’s work consists of ceramic materials such as clay and cement. All the work is hand made and looks as if it was meant to look rough and the texture was meant to be seen. Her work depicts women in religious manners such as on the cross, naked, and figures like the Virgin Mary. The pieces are like sculptured paintings.

Her art has to do with the transformation of life on a daily basis like a new life is made everyday. She feels her life has been pieced together by different aspects and has had made sacrifices in life that have had major impacts of her life. Andrea believes that her religion, her as a person, and what she does in art all intertwine with each other that makes up her livelihood.

The Sacrifice exhibit was probably the coolest exhibit to date. I have always been interested in religious art and to see it the way Andrea presents it is very creative. I like the dark, bible like depictions and how they were pieced together with clay/cement which gave it a look I cannot explain but it drew my attention. In my opinion it was kind of like a shock art. I wish Andrea all the best in her art career because she has true talent.


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