Tsunami the Eliminator

  • I am Tsunami and I am a saiyan. I come from an elite race of warriors from the great planet of Vegeta. I am a first class saiyan and was conquering planets for Lord Frieza before Prince Vegeta came into this world. I was away in attempt to conquer the planet Moonbase Alpha when I learned Lord Frieza had betrayed my people and destroyed planet Vegeta along with nearly the entire Saiyan race. Now I have no home. Now I am here on Moonbase Alpha looking to establish myself as the elite figure in this society and I will face anyone who stands in my way. I will rise and make Lord Frieza pay for what he has done. Moonbase Alpha is mine and I have the power to do it by force if necessary. According to my scouter reporters there are three individuals with high power levels on this planet and are worth taking note of. (https://eliyee.wordpress.com/ ) ,(https://cashmoney2016.wordpress.com/),(https://jonathanbehzadian.wordpress.com/). This Erik Jeffries believes he has me deceived. He reminds me of a fellow saiyan named Bardock who was destroyed along with Planet Vegeta. A warrior but his heart made him soft. There is no room in this universe for warmth. Lord Frieza had no compassion  wiping out my entire race and I will now have no mercy on him when we meet again. I trusted Lord Frieza and I have now learned that I can trust no one. His power level is 11,000 but it is nothing I cannot handle. Erik better stay out of my way. As for those who are aware of my presence here on Moonbase Alpha like General Scooter Perkins (https://rebekahhjohnson.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/general-scooter-perkins/) I cannot be captured. I come from a race of the most brutual, most powerful warriors the world has ever seen! I am a first class saiyan and conquering this planet will be my first step to getting my hand on Lord Frieza. Who knows what if through battle I become stronger than any other saiyan has before and become a legendary super saiyan. I believe it is more than a legend and I, Tsunami the Eliminator will be unstoppable!!!




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