Wk 10: Classmate Convo

Today during our weekly gallery walk I met my classmate Megan Stevens. She is a first year student at CSULB and is a psychology major. She is actually from England which I found very interesting and since she has been in the US she has went to high school and lived in the Orange County area. She was an athlete in high school as well, she was on the swim team and also the water polo team. The sports did put her through two shoulder surgeries, one on each arm unfortunately. For hobbies she likes to go visit new places, likes to read, loves her dog etc. She told me that her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird which I also think is a great book. Her dream career in the future is to be a child psychiatrist. She has never taken an art class before this one but does find it fun. She says that one thing people don’t usually catch on about her is that she still has a British accent which I think is super cool. Megan is a very interesting person and you should totally go check her page out  https://megstevensblog.wordpress.com/


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