Wk 11: Turning Pages Activity

This week we did an activity that was structured by visiting artist Marta Troya which was quite different. We went to the library and the bookstore that kind of was meant to put us in a position of being on the borderline between the norm and being different. In the library we were asked to take big bright children’s books in a part of the library where you are not allowed to read. We were asked not to take pictures during this experiment and I’m kind of glad I didn’t because it was a very fun activity. Just doing something that breaks the rules in away is just so thrilling I can’t really explain it. The book store employees actually tried to kick us out because we were sitting in a place where people are meant to sit and wait for computers because the computer lab is on the 1st level of the library. They didn’t kick us out because one of my classmates said we are all waiting for computers. It was just an amazing experience and I wouldn’t have done it in a million years if we didn’t do it as an activity. The bookstore was similar but it just did not have the same impact because we were so united in the library so that was definitely my favorite of the two places.

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