Wk 12: Geocaching activity

I found this activity quite challenging. I don’t know if my brother and I are just terrible at finding things but looking for geocaches in our location did not go well at all!!! We looked in three different locations: at the riverbed a few blocks from my house, heartwell, and del valle park. We spent over an hour in search for these objects and nothing. I don’t know if these things are taken by people but we didn’t have any luck locating them in any of the locations. I would have enjoyed it more if we saw some success but I guess it happens sometimes. I put together my own geocach which consisted on a baggy with a few little trinkets inside like a button, penny, chucky cheese ticket etc. It came out really cool and I was proud of it. I did place it out somewhere so lets see who can find it. I also thought this activity at the same time is a big sketchy because you don’t know what you are going to find and you don’t know if its a trick or not as well. The app says when you download it that the app can be dangerous but so can being outside which kind of proved my point. I do agree it isn’t the safest but I guess if you are successful and do it frequently it could be a fun hobby. I hope my classmates had better luck and had fun doing it.

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