Wk 12: Artist Conversation-Tiffany Le

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tau

Media: Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.letealeaf.com

Instagram: letealeaf

This gallery walk I had the pleasure to meet CSULB artist Tiffany Le. Tiffany is in the Illustration program and has been  for 3 years now. She is from Garden Grove where she grew up in a big Vietnamese community. Her interests are hiking, taking care of her bunny,  wants to get back into her kendo (martial art) and checking out gallery shows. The ideas she explores are inspired by her Vietnamese culture, current events, mythology, and considers the idea that history repeats itself.

The majority of Tiffany’s work consists of paintings that are created with watercolors and acrylic paint. The work is very smooth and have a flow to them. An example is the painting of the two tigers on the boat. It has a very gloom feel with the tigers kind of warped, white, and curled up. Many of her paintings have boats in open water and are made on canvas. The paintings have great detail. She also does work with paper, like the latern boats in the exhibit that we made out of a joss paper. She says the materials that she uses are like a tribute to her family and her culture.

Tiffany wants to depict family experiences and experiences of the Vietnamese people that left Vietnam. She wanted to tell the story of those that were never heard or forgotten and bring attention to it. The exhibit name is Tau and that translates to boat which is meant to symbolize escape and a new beginning else where. Tiffany in a way wants to be the middle ground in telling the story of those before her. She is very proud of her Vietnamese heritage.

This is one of my favorite exhibitions because it was such beautiful work with such deep meeting behind it. I really loved what Tiffany did with the different kinds of paint and water color that gives the painting a different look that she pulled off. My favorite is the tiger painting, I have always had a thing for tigers, they are my favorite animal and I even have one tattooed on me. I also thought the paper latern boats were crazy cool because they look like they are in water and portrays a  great visual. Tiffany is an amazing artist and I wish her luck. I would visit her future galleries.


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