Wk 12: Classmate Convo

This week I met my classmate Eddie Castillo, He is a first year here at  CSULB and is from Huntington Beach( went to Marina High). Eddie is a political science major like me which I found very cool none of my classmates that I have done a classmate convo with was a poli sci major. He said he originally a computer science major but changed his major because he hated it. He plans on going to law school after CSULB and maybe run for office. Eddie’s hobbies are looking into politics, play badminton( played on varsity in high school). He is currently looking for an internship with a representative of Long Beach. Some fun facts are Eddie hates mustard but loves sea food and he also did a bit of break dancing back in the day. Eddie is a cool guy and here is his site to check out his work. (https://eddiescastle.wordpress.com/)


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