Wk 13: art care package

This project for some reason reminded me of collaging for some reason. It was quite simple but still kind of fun at the same time. What  I decided to do was to find old tickets of places ive been to in the past whether it was Disneyland, the movies, or chucky cheese. It really allowed me to remember some of the good old times ive had and just makes me realize how was fast time flies. I hope my fellow classmate enjoys looking through some of my old memories and I as well hope to be able to see into the past of a fellow classmate. I do think it is somewhat similar to snapchat in the sense that you are sharing your experiences with other people. The only real difference is one is on paper and the other is being looked at through a class barrier called a screen. I think that stuff from the past gains value the older it gets because it is increasingly being pushed back from the present. It tugs at your heart strings because you are no longer there and these items take you back in time. I believe art is in the eyes of the beholder and there is nothing that is not art because it could be seen as art to someone else. It is all up to your interpretation and art is all around us, art is the world.


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