Wk 13: classmate conversation

This week at the art galleries I met my classmate Chris Williams. He is from the Antelope Valley and he is a first year student here at CSULB and is an aerospace engineering major. He is really into space and likes to build things so he thought why not. He said his hobby is basically sleeping, he really loves his sleep and takes it very seriously! Doing absolutely nothing is where its at for him. He used to place baseball once upon a time but broke his wrist ending his baseball career. He also spends a lot of time on school, he is currently taking 18 units which I applaud because I know that wouldn’t work out for me personally. A fun fact about Chris is that he is 18 years old and this may not seem like a fun fact right? The thing that makes this a fun fact is that he looks a lot older than 18 and when people ask him how old he is they are shocked because he is actually much younger.  We asked each other if we could be an animal what would we be and he said he would be a bird because of the ability to be free and fly where ever you would like to go. There are no limits. Chris is a really cool person and here is his website (https://chriswils.wordpress.com/) .IMG_1973


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