Wk 14: Japanese Garden Drawing

This week our activity was to go to the Japanese Garden on campus and draw. We had to make six drawings, 3 representational and 3 abstract. This was what I originally thought we were going to be doing in this class all along. It was a very fun activity because it allowed us to just let loose and draw, I mean come on who doesn’t like to draw. I am definitely not an artistic person so most of my drawings probably look abstract without trying but I tried my best and hope they could be interpreted with ease. I drew stuff like side views of the garden, a duck in the pond, bonsai trees, and even flowing lotuses. I think drawing lotuses were my favorite because they are very often used in Japanese tattoos which I love and have 8 hours worth of Japanese style tattooing on my person so its definitely something I’m interested. I am very lucky that I have a Japanese Garden here at CSULB. We also had to take six pictures of the garden with three of them being representational and three abstract as well. That was a much easier task for me because I don’t have to struggle to show what I’m seeing. I don’t know how abstract 3 of my pics are but I tried my best to be artistic, I’m a poli sci major for goodness sake!!!! It was a overall good experience and very relaxing, id do it again.


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